A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

Dream of February 11, 2024

Walking in line with others, I step up to receive Holy Communion. However, it is not a priest but the Lord Himself who offers me His body, and as I receive it I also spontaneously and ardently kiss Him on the mouth! His response is a ravishingly radiant smile as he gazes directly down into my eyes with a light in His own eyes that communicates His joyful approval to me in such a way, it leaves not the slightest shadow of a doubt in my mind that I did something wrong, on the contrary. And as I stand transfixed by the shining blue brilliant intensity of his eyes, He declares, “Wonderful!” in a way I will never forget. I can both feel and see how happy I have made Him by daring to be so intimate with Him.

I wake up feeling blissfully stunned by the intensity of Christ's reaction to my fervent passionate longing for more of Him. Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, my Lord let me know I am definitely pleasing Him with my intense love and daring desire for Him, Jesus Christ, our Savior and God forevermore!