A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

Dream of June 25, 2022

The atmosphere is black and white, chiaroscuro, like an old but perfectly preserved and real film. . .
Standing outside at night facing a great Mansion, from my disembodied perspective I hear the sound of my own laughter coming from upstairs expressing the joy I feel at being with my Beloved. . . 
Then silently from the darkness to my right steps a man, tall and slender but strong and handsome, clothed in the elegant style of another century, and I sense he might be wearing a sword. He is jealous because he heard the laughter and knows I am up there in the Mansion with its Lord even though I perceive this intruder as though I'm outside in the darkness with him. Then my disembodied focus shifts to the intent face of another dark-haired man standing to one side of the Mansion's closed front door, guarding it. He turns his head very slightly, and his dark eyes follow the direction of the stealthy newcomer in a way that makes it clear he is a long-time enemy. Feeling-knowing I am protected, I wonder how this jealous intruder can even imagine he has the power to reach me, because the Lord of the Mansion is all-powerful, He always has been and always will be, and my soul belongs entirely to Him now.
Abruptly, my perspective shifts and I'm behind the intruder, standing in the underbrush beneath some trees. He is several feet away, and I distinctly see and sense the pride in his tall body, in his long lean mysteriously predatory back as he stands poised there, still intent on trying to get hold of me again.
Dream Notes:
My soul is fully with the Lord now, but still prowling around the supernatural grounds of my soul is the Enemy, to whom I was once in thrall, and who never tires of angrily, hungrily waiting for an opening to try and get me back as he "prowls the world seeking the ruin of souls" as it says in the prayer to Saint Michael.

The Mansion – Part 2

Dream of June 26, 2022

I remember being in a car and something to do with a barrier overhead, some kind of danger. Navigating it successfully and swiftly, I reach my destination, which is Home. The minute I walk into the entrance hall, my late father strides up to me. The spacious expanse is full of people, but heading directly to me declaring, "You have a Suitor!" he immediately leads me into a room to the left of the entrance, opening the door for me but at once departing, so that I enter the room alone. Overjoyed to see the man I love, have always loved, wearing a white timelessly elegant suit, I declare, "You look fantastic!" Hurrying to him, I take his arm as we enter another intimately smaller chamber.
Closing the door behind us, I tell him, "My room is upstairs. This is the Maid's room, but it's all mine for now." We are standing in each other's arms, and when he sits down on the edge of a bed, I kneel on the bed beside him. In the process, I feel my knee lightly and accidentally graze his male organs, but all I experience is surprise and the desire to not hurt them. It's as though the contact serves only to make it clear that sex is not what's happening, or ever going to happen at all. We simply smile at each other, and I know I'm especially dear to him, it's why he's here, so that from now on we can always be together.
Dream Notes:

Initially after I woke up, I thought this man might be my Guardian Angel, who is a Messenger of the Holy Spirit, and that might be true because the message I received in this dream was one of true and everlasting love between my soul and God.

And my late father was definitely very happy in that great white Mansion (Jesus said, "In my Father's House there are many Mansions") because when I mentioned my room upstairs, I knew it was really high up. The fact that I was happily staying in the Maid's room, referring to it as "all mine" is, I think, a symbol of my humility, and where-how I will live for the rest of my earthly life, serving God and others as best I can with my skills and talents.