A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

This morning, I feasted my eyes and ears on a remarkable Norwegian soccer player, listening to interviews with him, and he made my day by stating that Christianity, the faith in which he was raised, is an important part of his life. Now this was very unusual for me. Although I'm a big fan of the English Premier League, this was the first time I ever indulged in watching videos and interviews with one of their star players. 
Later that afternoon, I understood why Martin Odegaard had so deeply captivated me. Relistening to a chapter in the audiobook edition of Life of Christ by Giuseppe Ricciotti, which I narrated, I was gripped by the thought, the possibility, the profound desire  to create an audiobook version of The Viking Saint: Olaf II of Norway by John Carr. Of course, I would need to get the publisher's permission first. . . 
And so I asked Saint Olaf to please confirm to me in a dream that night if recording an audio version of The Viking Saint (which I had recently read) was or was not something I should seriously look into. . .
That same night I had a vivid dream in which I was stunned by the beauty of where I lived, and the expansiveness of the house itself. The most lucid moment was gazing out the glass doors and walls at a view combining mountainous land and sea so intimately it appeared miraculous. (Only when I woke up did I think of Norway's fjords.) 

I lived with several other timelessly attractive women in an expansive beautifully appointed house rising directly from the water's edge. I was very happy to be there with like-minded-spirited women, one of whom accompanied me to a spacious black-and-silver kitchen illuminated by a crystal chandelier. And as I stepped beneath this chandelier, brushing up against it, I felt it drop one of its hanging crystals behind my right ear which nestled lightly and comfortably in my hair. - End of Dream
Not long after I woke up, I emailed the British publisher Pen & Sword and presented the idea to them of creating an Audiobook version of The Viking Saint. I felt I should at least make the intent as I kept remembering my dream vision of water, mountains and sky, and especially the icicle-like piece of shining chandelier that fell gently and neatly into place behind my ear. Print books are for the eyes, audiobooks are for the ears!
My joy was so VERY great! I kept thinking-feeling-knowing: I'm not alone! I'm never alone! And it occurred to me that in my dream I had been in the midst of some of King Olaf's concubines, and that the woman who had stood out was the wife of his heart vs. the State wife he had been obliged to wed. His priest indulgently gave him permission to live like a Biblical patriarch for he was a virile warrior fighting on behalf of Christ.

For me, love and relationship are everything, that's why publishing and recording Life of Christ was absolutely wonderful, for I spent all my time with the Lord. And now I'll be spending intimate time with St. Olaf, who has become mysteriously more than a friend I can really talk to and receive responses from. Life is supernatural, from its inception, to its living, to its eternal future. I know this for a fact.

And to offer an example of how mysterious yet obvious are God's works of mercy, my first publisher was British, and my first published book was Thorsday Night, a torrid BDSM Romance. Not long afterward, I began lucid dreaming and turning to Christ and going to Church then to Confession. I spent nearly an hour with a wonderful priest who helped me understand so much before absolving me of all my sins. From that moment, I began living a completely different life. And now, two decades later, another British publisher has contracted me to narrate a book about St. Olaf, who destroyed a statue of Thor in waking reality, and who has come to me at night in my dreams. In the first of these dreams, when I asked him his name, he replied, "Thorsday Haraldsson" which led me directly to him when I woke up. 

A Dream Song

A few nights ago, before I reached the point in The Viking Saint audio book where I would have to speak for Olaf with my voice, I had an enchanting dream experience. . . Flying above the world through a night sky vaguely suffused with the white mist of clouds, I am closely following a man, we are together, on the same course as though flowing on the current of our quiet chanting duet. And yet it is his voice (more akin to spoken words than singing) which I hear most clearly. He seems to be flying toward my disembodied dreaming awareness even though my dreaming soul is following his. I think, This is really good as I imagine I recorded this duet earlier, and I wish now that I had turned the audio level up more because it is hauntingly beautiful. . .
I can't remember any actual words now, or if I could even make them out in the dream. But when I woke up I knew I had just been with Saint Olaf. I also distinctly felt he had blessed me with the sound of his voice, so that when the time came for me to speak for him in the audio book I would have a profound feel for how to do so. And a few days later, that's just what happened as I was recording The Viking Saint. His voice was quiet, almost soft yet clear, animated yet unhurried, calm and peaceful yet also firm. None of those adjectives would have helped me, however, if I had not heard his voice in a dream first, which when the time came enabled me to simply open my mouth and speak for him in a way I mysteriously felt-knew was as close as I could possibly come to the voice with which he spoke on Earth. 
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