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Sister Wilhelmina’s Gift

June 19, 2023
A few weeks after reading the book GOD'S Will: The Life and Works of SR. Mary Wilhelmina, Foundress of the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles published by her community, I went to sit outside on the back deck on a lovely day, and while gazing up at the heavens, I began thinking about Sister Wilhelmina, and how she used to walk around the convent composing poem songs, for example "Glory be to the Father and to the Son..." while tapping her cane in rhythm. I spoke these words out loud, and abruptly a Haiku came to me ready-made as if she had dropped it in my lap:
glory be to Him
my soul's eternal honey
by the Son navigate
It's a fact that honey bees navigate by the sun's position in the sky! 
Even before she died, her fellow sisters called her their Saint. And before I wrote the Haiku about the honey, I was thinking that Sister Wilhelmina really and truly is a saint, for only saints are incorrupt. And then I thought about how, when she was approximately thirteen years-old, she had a vision of Jesus, Who asked-told her to follow Him. And later she wrote that of course she obeyed Him, after all He was so handsome! Not only was she musical and poetic she was also blessed with a great sense of humor.
"Five years postmortem is the soonest a canonization cause can emerge, which some advocates have already spoken of as a fait accompli for Lancaster. She would become one of just eight African-American candidates for sainthood in the history of the Catholic Church." 
- Nate Tinner-Williams
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