A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

August 21, 2023
Just a few weeks ago, I debated for a day or two whether or not to send Two Time Travel Lucids to the L.D.E. e-zine (Lucid Dreaming Experience). Relaxing out on the back deck, gazing up at the blue heavens and the seagulls, I thought: I want nothing more to do with that online magazine because it's all mostly New Age interpretations of dreams. I didn't really need the L.D.E. anymore to reach dreamers. My website was getting thousands of unique visitors a month. Submitting anything more to the L.D.E., I concluded, was just my ego-self craving more exposure and attention, etc. Therefore, I decided I wasn't going to send them Two Time Travel Lucids; it just wasn't worth it. In any case, I could always change my mind and submit it to the next issue in three months.
That very evening, however, I received a totally unexpected email from the publisher informing me that article submissions for the forthcoming issue of the L.D.E. were light, and did I happen to have anything I wanted to share, a dream or an article? Ever since our email "argument" years ago, in which we disagreed about the theory of reincarnation, we had "spoken" merely when I submitted a dream or an article and he thanked me. 

My fervent stance against reincarnation had been completely reinforced by a Locution I experienced. On the night of the day I discovered many Christians actually think it's okay to also believe in reincarnation, as I lay in bed, still wide awake, I asked God about it. Immediately, I received a reply in the form of a silent yet powerful and clearly audible male voice:

The Creator’s Heart is not a recycle bin.

At the same time, I saw a woman dressed like the Virgin Mary, in white and blue robes, squatting in an empty white space as she gave birth to a baby, who immediately growing up became an old man who dove back into her body through her mouth to be immediately reborn, and this ghastly process was repeated over and over and over again. I neither imagined or dreamed the visuals that accompanied the locution.

Having shared this locution with the LDE's editor, I was not expecting to receive a spontaneous email from him. I was very surprised when one arrived out of the blue because it was, I felt, first and foremost a stunningly clear message from the Holy Spirit: ALWAYS SHARE. ALWAYS. It doesn't matter how people receive it. ALWAYS share GOD and HIS LOVE!

It was wrong of me to use a supposedly humble excuse not to share by thinking: I don't need any attention; I don't need to publish more, etc. ALWAYS SHARE with my brothers and sisters. The gifts we receive from God are meant to be shared.

Locutions are inner experiences of hearing a divine voice or receiving revelation. An interior locution may be defined as a supernatural communication to the ear, imagination, or directly to the intellect.
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