A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

Seeds of Contemplation

Summer 2017

“God, to You all hearts are open, to You all longings speak, and to you no secret thing is hidden. I beg You, purify the intentions of my heart through the unspeakable gift of Your grace, so I can love you with all I am and praise you for all You are.” – Amen.

“You only need a naked intent for God. When you long for Him, that’s enough.”

“Let go of every clever, persuasive thought… No matter how sacred, no thought can help you in the work of contemplative prayer. Because only love, not knowledge, can help us reach God.”

The Cloud of Unknowing with the Book of Privy Counsel
A new translation by Carmen Acevedo Butcher

“We can do nothing better than abandon ourselves to God.”

“I no longer perplex myself with thoughts of virtue, or of my salvation. But having given myself wholly to God, to make what satisfaction I could for my sins, and for love of Him having renounced all that is not His, I have come to see that my only business is to live as though there were none but He and I in the world.”

“Let what may come of it, however many be the days remaining to me, I will do all things for the love of God.”

Practicing the Presence of God
by Brother Lawrence