A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

Santa Teresa & More

I had just pasted my dream The Power of the Cross and the blessings that ensued into my Diary when I proceeded with a wonderful task I have been engaged in for several months (savoring it with a deepening understanding) of reading my Kindle Clippings of The Way of Perfection by Santa Teresa of Avila, and highlighting passages in red that particularly resonate with me, which I then copy by hand into a large lovely Medieval-style leather journal divided into sections, which I reserve for gems of Saintly wisdom as well as for prayers and quotes from other beloved teachers, for example Thomas A. Kempis. But to return to my Clippings file. . . I had left off reading at the following paragraph in The Way of Perfection:
"How sweet will be the death of those who have done penance for all their sins and have not to go to purgatory! It may be that they will begin to enjoy glory even in this world, and will know no fear, but only peace. . ." 
Since I prayed to Saint Joseph, the dreamer, well over a year ago to help me shave time off Purgatory through my dream life, my nightly experiences have been in great part Purgatorial, no doubt about it. 
As a soul who has suffered greatly from the materialistic pseudo-scientific anti-God atheist mindset, and what it does to human relations and marriage; suffered the dread this life really is the end without actually believing it (akin to having a cancer and fighting it while longing for good, even perfect health (i.e. FAITH) I would consider it the greatest thing in life to "know no fear, but only peace" and, at last, I feel and believe I am finally truly there.
. . . I paused while writing this entry to continue reading Santa Teresa, and the very next Clipping turned out to to be one expressing exactly how I have been feeling for some time now. . .
"It is a delightful thing to talk about this love of God. What, then, must it be to possess it? May the Lord, for His own sake, give it me! May I not depart from this life till there is nothing in it that I desire, till I have forgotten what it is to love anything but Thee and till I deny the name of love to any other kind of affection."
I confess I'm excited about turning 62 in February, because even though the Lord had been speaking to Gabrielle Bossis since she was a child, this interior dialogue truly began in earnest when she was 62. Seeing as how I first heard of Gabrielle in a dream I gave the title Gabrielle 1873, and after discovering her book, He & I learned she had been born in 1873, I feel justified in believing I was one of the many souls our Lord was intending to reach through her. I dare dream of an ever deepening intimacy with my Betrothed gifted to my soul by its Bridegroom. . .
I highlighted more passages from The Way of Perfection and this one is just how I'm feeling:
"O my God and Lord, deliver me from all evil and be pleased to lead me to that place where all good things are to be found. What can be looked for on earth by those to whom Thou hast given some knowledge of what the world is, and those who have a living faith in what the Eternal Father has laid up for them because His Son asks it of Him and teaches us to ask Him for it too? When contemplatives ask for this with fervent desire and full determination it is a very clear sign that their contemplation is genuine and that the favors which they receive in prayer are from God.
"And although our desire for this may not be perfect, let us strive to make the petition. What does it cost us to ask it, since we ask it of One Who is so powerful? It would be insulting a great emperor to ask him for a farthing. Since we have already given Him our will, let us leave the giving to His will, so that we may be the more surely heard; and may His name be forever hallowed in the Heavens and on the earth and may His will be ever done in me. Amen."

Salient quotes from my Prayer Journal

"My life at present flows in peaceful awareness of God. My silent soul lives on Him, and this conscious life of God in my soul is a source for me of happiness and strength. I do not look for happiness outside the depths of my soul in which God dwells; of this I am aware. I feel a certain need to share myself with others. I have discovered a fountain of happiness in my soul, and it is God. O my God, I see that everything that surrounds me is filled with God, and most of all my own soul, which is adorned with the grace of God. Already now, I will begin to live on that on which I shall live for all eternity. . .
"Jesus, You have given me to understand in what a soul's greatness consists: not in great deeds but in great love. Love has its worth and it confers greatness on all deeds. Although our actions are small and ordinary in themselves, because of love they become great and powerful before God. . .

"Love is a mystery that transforms everything it touches into things beautiful and pleasing to God. The love of God makes a soul free. She is like a queen; she knows no slavish compulsion; she sets about everything with great freedom of soul, because the love which dwells in her incites her to action. Everything that surrounds her makes her know that only God Himself is worthy of her love. A soul in love with God and immersed in Him approaches her duties with the same disposition as she does Holy communion and carries out the simplest tasks with great care, under the loving gaze of God. . .
"When it happens that the living presence of God, which she enjoys almost constantly, leaves her, she then tries to continue living in lively faith. Her soul understands that there are periods of rest and periods of battle. Through her will she is always with God. Her soul, like a knight, is well trained in battle; from afar it sees where the foe is hiding and is ready for battle. She knows she is not alone - God is her strength."
"There can be no greater Lord than God; neither can there be a more ardent lover than He. Far from despising our confidence in Him, He rejoices that we have it - confidence and familiarity and affection like that which little children show. 

"Consider that no one, whether friend or brother, father or mother, lover or spouse, loves you more than your God. And divine grace is the inestimable treasure through which vile creatures and servants like ourselves become dear friends of our Creator.

"In short, so great is God's love for you that He seems to love no one but you.
You should be able to say to Him: 'My Beloved to me, and I to Him.' . . .

There can be no surer pledge of His love for you than His past mercies toward you. God is displeased at the diffidence of souls who love Him sincerely and whom He Himself loves. If, therefore, you wish to please His loving heart, go to Him henceforth with the greatest possible confidence and affection. . .
"Such is God's love and care for you that He seems to have no one else but you of whom to think. He is so concerned with your interest that He seems to have no providence except to preserve you, no almighty power except to help you, no mercy or kindness except to have compassion on you, to do you good and win you to His love and confidence by His kind attention.
"Then freely open your heart to Him and ask Him to lead you to do His Divine Will in a perfect manner. Let your designs and desires be directed only toward knowing His good pleasure and gratifying His Divine Heart."
"Whatever you do, do it with God and for God."
"If Jesus is not your best friend, you will end up being heartbroken and desolate. . . So from among all those dear to you let Jesus alone be especially loved. Love all things for Jesus' sake, but love Jesus for His own sake. Of all the friends you will find, you should love Jesus Christ in a unique way, for He is the only one who will be good and faithful to the end. Through Him and in Him love friends and foes alike, and pray that each one may come to know and love Him. . . Let Jesus be at the center of all your friendships. Be pure and free of heart, and do not be wrapped up in any other person to the exclusion of Jesus. You should bring a pure and unfettered heart to God if you wish to be free and to see how delightful the Lord is. And truly you will never arrive at this, unless His grace guides you and draws you, so that seeing all things in relation to God, you may be united to Him in everything you do.
"A person is highly valued by God, if he is grounded in true humility and filled with love, if he always seeks God's honor with purity and integrity, if he has a humble opinion of himself, if he sincerely dislikes his selfish nature, and even if he does not mind being looked down upon and belittled by others, instead of being honored." 
JESUS: "My friend, I must be your supreme and final end if you wish to be truly blessed. If I am, your love will be purified and not be twisted back on yourself and on things of this world, as it so often is. If you seek yourself in anything, you quickly weaken and dry up inside. Therefore, refer all things to me as to the beginning, for everything you have has come from me. Look upon it all as flowing from the highest good; that being the case, all things must return to me as to their source." 
"All people, small and great, rich and poor, draw living water from me as from a quick-springing well, and they who serve me freely and of their own accord shall receive grace upon grace. But the person who seeks fulfillment in anything but me, or who seeks happiness in some private good of his own making, will not find true joy nor a heart overflowing with love; instead he will encounter a mountain of obstacles and anxieties. Therefore, you should not take credit for any good qualities that you might have nor should you attribute any special depth of character to anyone else; instead, give God credit for everything, for without Him we have nothing."
"If you are truly wise, you will find joy in me alone and hope in me alone, for no one is good but God alone. Praise Him and bless Him in everything you do."