A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

November 30, 2022
Dream 1

I'm upstairs in the bathroom when I become aware of a great commotion downstairs and head down to investigate . . . The living room is dimly lit, and I think something must have gone wrong with the television, which is too small. (It's also not my current living room but some shadowy hybrid of other living spaces.) The screen is black, and I can barely discern the man who comes to sit on the floor several feet away from it with his legs stretched out before him. Yet I feel he is my husband as he says quietly, "Tell me more, Maria. . ."
Slipping out of the dream into waking consciousness, I know he's referring to the tumultuous feelings lingering within me as a result of how extremely stressful yesterday was on many levels. I also feel-know without a doubt that he wasn't my actual and mortal former husband. I wonder if he might have been my Guardian Angel, but he didn't feel like my Angel.
I believe this Man Who very gently commanded, "Tell me more, Maria" was the Holy Spirit.
Dream 2

My mother and I are outside in some pleasant backyard. We're sitting peacefully at the base of a tall tree facing each other when suddenly, yet somehow also gently, a great golden-brown male lion appears already so close to us, running for our lives isn't even remotely an option. As the magnificent lion walks straight over to us, we have no choice but to somehow calmly accept the situation. Yet almost at once the initial fear I experienced vanishes as I declare, "It is the Christ!" whereupon his head comes to rest in my lap so I can stroke it. And simultaneously I'm observing this tableau from slightly beyond and above it. I perceive the lion resting between me and my mother and peacefully sharing our laps. I can't be sure now whether I actually heard his deep rumbling purr, but the pleasure it was giving him to be with us was wonderfully obvious.

As I gradually woke up I felt so blessed! My Lord had come to comfort me twice! First He was the man sitting in front of the silent black screen, initially the source of a great commotion (echoing the screaming verbal abuse I had endured that day) before it went dark and silent. Yet life could be so much worse; what I personally have to put up with is nothing compared to how so many millions of people suffer much greater hardships everywhere everyday. And so quietly, gently, my Lord simply said, "Tell me more, Maria." I'm suffering in my own way, and I believe He wants me to know He doesn't judge me, and that I should always feel free to tell Him everything I'm thinking and feeling, which invariably helps me recover my deeply grateful sense of peace.