A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

November 16, 2022
While transferring my website luciddreamsandtheholyspirit to my new host from my ex husband's account, the files were not so much lost as failed to appear, which means he is obliged to keep them on his hosting provider until I can figure out how to import them to my new site, which appeared live but totally empty. At least I now own the Domain Name. This transfer was prompted by my desire to break my final connection to him by taking control of my website as I did of my life. 
It was a gloomy rainy morning and after Mass, as I was driving to the grocery store, I was feeling worn out from my little dog Arthur's medical emergency, immediately followed by the debacle with my website. The idea of beginning a new one anytime soon didn't even remotely feel like an option yet. I just wanted to be alone with God, and with my loving dog who I think of as my Guardian Angel's Glove. Perhaps in the future, I was musing on my way to the supermarket, when Arthur will no longer be here with me, I can concentrate on restoring my website instead of dwelling on my grief. . . So flowed my dismal thoughts. . .
Then totally unexpectedly a proverbial ray of light "blasted" me. As I pulled up close behind another car stopped in school traffic, I saw three words printed against the white background of a bumper sticker: 

My Guardian Angel

What can I say? I have never seen such a bumper sticker in all my life. The word "blatant" comes to mind. No subtleties here! Nope. If he had spoken directly in my ear, my Guardian Angel could not have made his meaning more clear: "Remember me?"  At once I thought of that special dream from the other night Love's Fabric my first lucid dream in months, and what a dream! I believe my Angel was telling me to keep in mind what he had said to me in the dream when he handed me those gilded spades: "It will be an adventure. . ." My old website was uprooted, and I will be planting a new and much better one straightaway, not morosely wasting precious time.
Update November 25:
Luciddreamsandtheholyspirit is up, much more focused and in every way better than the original site. It all happened seamlessly.

Below are links to the Page and several Posts featuring Holy Angels of God, who never show up in my nocturnal adventures (i.e. dreams) wearing white robes or sporting wings on their backs. These traditional attributes are merely symbols of their spiritual nature and transcendent power. Human beings were created in God's image, and Scripture gives us no reason to believe Angels weren't also created in His image. Indeed, on many occasions in the Bible, Angels take physical form to deliver messages and to help us. And they continue to do so.

Our Guardian Angel
Asking my Angel for Help
The Mysterious Hotel
Airport Angels
Divine Company
Angelic Noir

Prayer to my Guardian Angel for Guidance in life:
My Guardian Angel, I thank the Lord for having sent you to guide me through the ways of life. Help me to be attentive to the gentle ways you use to lead me closer to God each day. When I am facing an important decision, help me to choose the course of action that will be pleasing to the Lord. When I face difficulties, help me to stand firm and stay the course when I would prefer to give up. Strengthen my relationship with family and friends, so that we may find happiness here on earth and eternal joy in heaven. Amen.

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