A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

Life of Christ

April 26, 2023

Sunday, April 23rd, as soon as I began walking toward it, I heard the ocean from half-a-mile away. It is a protected Bay, with two or three openings miles away into the open ocean. Today it sounded like a "real" tide and so strong I could hear it from my home as never before, and I've been living here for seven years. It was a storm surge of some kind which spiritually and literally laid the masterwork Life of Christ by Giusseppe Ricciotti at my creative feet.
I cannot for the life of me recall now if I actually "heard" my Guardian Angel "whisper" Public Domain  as I walked past the little bookshelf in my bedroom (where Life of Christ occupies a highly honored position) but it had the effect of a lightning flash in my mind. Immediately, I turned to my computer and Googled the title and author + public domain. And there it was! 
You see, I had just read a few pages, and was positively delighted by the author's perspectives and commentaries; his sheer unique astuteness; by all the details and clarity of this incomparable work. I can't recall now if I looked up Life of Christ on Audible.com first, or if I did that after I assured myself it was in the public domain, but the result was akin to the powerful waves uncharacteristically crashing on the beach half-a-mile away. Exultantly, I thought: I can record the audiobook version!

I discovered there was only one audiobook with this title, Fulton Sheen's Life of Christ, but much as I admire him, I had read a few chapters of it a while ago before setting it aside. My mother and I and countless others are of the fervent opinion there is no Life of Christ that can compare to Ricciotti's.
In an ecstasy of excitement, I called Mami, and she confirmed that this masterwork had JUST come into the public domain, 72 years after its initial publication. I felt (I still feel) I was presented with an inestimable gift from my Lord: the honor and joy of being even more intimate with Him and His Apostles by reading, performing, and living His Life as Father Ricciotti recounts it.
Just the day before, I had been telling my Lord I didn't expect to write another book I could perform, and regretting I would probably never record another audiobook. Well, an exceptionally powerful ocean tide mysteriously delivered Ricciotti's Life of Christ, and waves of joy filled me all day and evening until bedtime! What a magnificent gift and sublime honor! 
I can't record audio files in my bedroom until autumn, when all the windows are closed and the world outside is relatively silent. But for the moment, I can  look forward not only to being with my Lord outdoors this summer, but also to recording and editing the audiobook edition of Life of Christ all through next fall and into winter.
The following morning, I realized the first thing I had to do (a task to tide me through April and early May, always still teasingly cruel in Massachusetts) was publish the Kindle and paperback versions. On Amazon that morning, there was still only the radically abridged paperback I had been obliged to order, there as yet being no extant unabridged edition in English (although originally there had been.) The painting I chose for the cover is by Leonardo Da Vinci. If all continues to go well, the audiobook version will be added to the Amazon product page before or shortly after Christmas.
Life of Christ - Amazon
Life of Christ - Audible
Life of Christ - Google Play
Also available as an Audiobook at many libraries and other audio retailers.
P.S. - I submitted the audiobook to Audible on Jan. 3, 2024 and it went live on Jan. 6, 2024. Anyone who has worked with Audible will appreciate what a miracle that was-is: Three Kings Day!