A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

Semi-Lucid Dream of October 23, 2023

With a man in a shadowy space which is where I live, my bedroom-apartment. We are standing as close as possible next to my spacious bed facing each other. My companion is very tall. He appears to be wearing a thin tight sweatshirt, and I can just discern his fitly ripped chest. I perceive how well built he is, but not in a bulky muscular way; he is also slender, his strength ideally proportioned. Then gently but purposefully, he pulls me to him, and lowering his face to mine begins kissing me deeply as I respond in kind.

It is a slow, unhurried, relaxed and yet also intensely purposeful kiss that goes on and on, and all the time it feels absolutely real. There is no awkward sensation of saliva or teeth or any physical confines whatsoever; it is a purely profound, relaxed and yet dynamic kiss to which I am wholeheartedly responding. After a time he straightens up, but does not let go of me. And then it happens again – he lowers his face to mine and we begin kissing again for a long time just as before. There are no words between us, only this relaxed and yet intensely purposeful kissing, which is mysteriously eloquent. And this wondrous intimacy is repeated a third time. . .

A seamless transition to finding myself outside at dusk on a faintly moonlit night. I'm standing on the street talking to a woman in a car. She seems to expect me to go with her and her silent male companion, but there's no chance whatsoever of that happening. Turning away from them (i.e. from the self-centered worldly pleasures and perspectives they embody) I walk quickly back to my building, intent on rejoining the man waiting for me upstairs. And as I perceive the steps leading up to the entrance, this location suddenly strikes me as familiar. . . like I've been here before in another dream.
Then effortlessly, I'm back in the bedroom. My companion is still there, only now he's seated at the foot of the bed facing the door. I sense my little dog is sleeping on the bed (Arthur, who I call my Guardian Angel's glove) as I walk up to my companion. I perceive he's now wearing a white hat or covering of some kind I think may be part of some official "uniform." Yet we're still intimately alone, so I divest him of this item before walking around the chair. Gazing down at his face, I perch on his lap and, taking the initiative now, begin kissing him. He responds just as before, only now I feel that I'm the one primarily expressing things to him, whereas earlier he was the one leading the silent conversation. We are still kissing in this silently eloquent manner as I gradually wake up. 
Dream Notes
Our intimacy wasn't in the least sexual or carnal; it was purely spiritual-sensual. And it was also breathtakingly true to life. This experience is also directly linked to my dream Airport Angels in which I sat on my Guardian Angel's lap as he silently comforted me for a long time, but last night initiated a stunning new level of intimacy. He literally made me feel - let me know in no uncertain terms - that my soul has come a long way since then, and opened up a whole new level of communion between us. 
At the moment, I am in the glorious process of recording the audio book edition of Life of Christ by Giuseppe Ricciotti, having published the Kindle and paperback books a few months ago as soon as it came into the public domain, a wondrous process I described in an earlier entry.

The importance of Faith and the persistence of Prayer (which Father Ricciotti points out is so important it should border on petulant) has encouraged me to adopt less of a humble, reticent attitude toward really honestly and fervently expressing to my Lord, and to my Guardian Angel, my intense desire to have more dreams and/or mystical experiences to keep me growing in holiness. In this world's cold bitter nest, Divine Love and Spiritual consolations are the heart and soul's vital nourishment.
More and more I'm daring to ask for what I long to receive and achieve: an ever growing and deepening faith inseparable from heavenly intercourse!
The Significance of a Kiss in the Bible:

"In the Bible, the act of kissing holds significant symbolism and meaning beyond a simple display of affection. Throughout scripture, kisses are mentioned in various contexts, each carrying its own spiritual significance.

"Often in the Bible, kisses are portrayed as gestures of love, respect, and friendship. The act of kissing can symbolize unity, compassion, and caring for one another. In the book of Psalms, it is written: “Greet one another with a holy kiss” (Psalm 85:10). This verse emphasizes the importance of showing love and kindness to one another through physical expressions like a kiss.

"The biblical meaning of a kiss transcends mere physical contact and delves into the depths of human emotions, relationships, and spirituality. Whether conveying love, betrayal, forgiveness, or worship, kisses in the Bible serve as powerful symbols of our connections with others and with God."
- John Baptist Church
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