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  • Seeds of Contemplation

    Seeds of Contemplation

    Summer 2017 “God, to You all hearts are open, to You all longings speak, and to you no secret thing is hidden. I beg You, purify the intentions of my heart through the unspeakable gift of Your grace, so I can love you with all I am and praise you for all You are.” –…

  • Never forget!

    April 3, 2022Watched Mass downstairs broadcast from the National Cathedral. The reading was the woman caught in adultery. Confronted with my own past sensual sins, I felt full of remorse and tearful. I came upstairs and sat down in my prayer chair. It was a gloomy morning but the sun was rising behind the trees…

  • Santa Teresa & More

    Santa Teresa & More

    I had just pasted my dream The Power of the Cross and the blessings that ensued into my Diary when I proceeded with a wonderful task I have been engaged in for several months (savoring it with a deepening understanding) of reading my Kindle Clippings of The Way of Perfection by Santa Teresa of Avila,…