A Modern Christian Mystics Diary

Dream of April 11, 2023

"Few people are saved that way," remarks my late maternal grandmother from where she stands a floor above me looking down at an open space (a layout equivalent to my childhood home with me standing in the entrance foyer and her just above me on the upstairs landing) where I am one of a relatively small gathering of people. . .

Then something completely unexpected happens. The attractive blonde man I am standing beside and partially facing (as though we arrived there together) takes me forcefully in his arms and, throwing us both down onto the floor with him on top, kisses me deeply for a few long intense moments.

When we effortlessly resume our standing positions, I once more perceive the shadowy figure of my grandmother (flanked by other persons who are complete silhouettes standing to her left and right) as she says, referring to what just happened between my partner and I, "Few people are saved that way. . ." I feel it's not a negative remark but simply a mysterious statement of fact. I myself had been taken completely by surprise by my companion’s action. . .
Observing another scene from a disembodied bird’s eye point of view a few feet above it, I observe this same man standing in an elevator, and somehow know he’s on his way home. He’s leaning against the back of the car with his eyes closed. On either side of him, two men akin to valets are solicitously divesting him of his elegant clothing. I know they're on the way up to his bedroom suite, and as my awareness hovers slightly above the scene, I watch him step out of the elevator as he himself removes the wig he had been  wearing. When I see that his hair (which looks long now) is actually dark and not fair as before, I'm a little disappointed, until I abruptly understand it can be both or any other color.

I understand now that he's not a human being like myself but an Angel, and that he wasn't actually wearing a wig because he doesn't possess a fixed physical body and appearance. When he made that gesture with his hand just above his head, I interpreted it as the removal of a wig. But in reality, his action was akin to an animated hieroglyph, a simple gesture filled with meaning my soul understood, as my Angel knew I would.

A seamless transition to reclining on a large square bed set on a high platform and covered with a realistic-looking animal fur just like my dog Arthur's biggest bed; the same golden-brown. Arthur (who I think of as my Guardian Angel's glove) is with me now as I await the imminent arrival of the man who is really my Guardian Angel. And somehow, I know this chamber is located directly across from the elevator. 
Dream Notes:
Elevators can symbolize traveling between Heaven and earth and all its powerful yet also mysteriously intimate spiritual spaces.

The man who took hold of me, and subjected me to a long deep kiss was escorted by associates who helped reveal to my dreaming soul that my "date" had not been another human being but my Guardian Angel. Yet all appearances aside, his long and passionate public kiss was wonderfully real in an inscrutably profound sense. 

KISS: “Symbol of joining together and of mutual adherence, which took on a spiritual significance from earliest times.”

‘Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth’. Why would Scripture employ this phrase? In fact kisses mean the joining together of spirit to spirit. This is why the bodily organ which administers the kiss is the mouth, through which breath is inhaled and exhaled. Then again, kisses of love are given with the mouth thus inseparably linking spirit with spirit. It is for this reason that he whose soul goes out in a kiss, sticks fast to another spirit, to a spirit from whom he will be separated no more. Their joining together is called a kiss. When they say, ‘Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth’… it is a sticking fast between spirit and spirit which will never be separated. Both the early Fathers and Medieval commentators on the Song of Solomon explained ‘kiss’ in precisely identical terms.”

The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols
I have dreamed with my maternal grandmother a few memorable times, but I only recall her speaking to me once before, when I cried out to her from a great distance, "Abuelita! The Prince has invited me to attend the wedding!" to which she replied joyfully, “The Prince?!”  scarcely daring to believe it. The Prince is of course the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

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